SmartFill Manual Fanfold Void Fill Paper Dispenser

Manual Void Fill Paper Dispenser Intro

SmartFill Manual Fanfold Void Fill Paper Dispenser Introduction

  • Size(mm): L1350 * W523 * H735-1035
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Operation Mode: Manual
  • Simple to Use
  • Work with Fanfold Kraft Paper within 380*280mm
  • Great Alternative to Plastic Packaging Material


Our Manual Fanfold Void Fill Paper Dispenser makes packaging sufficient without energy support.

That’s how it changes your work:

1) Height Adjustable

Screwing out the height adjustment handle screw, the machine can be lifted up to adjust the overall height of the machine.

2) Environmental Friendly

No energy Consuming.

Kraft paper can be recycled or degraded in nature.

3) Stable

The Manual Fanfold Paper Dispenser has a suction cup on the bottom. Can be better fixed in the packing work position.

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