PU Foam Injection Machine

polyurethane foam machine

PU Foam Injection Machine Introduction

  • Style: Semi-auto foaming packaging system
  • Operating Voltage: 220V
  • Rated Power: 3500W
  • Warming Time: 1-2 minutes in summer, 3-4 minutes in winter
  • Weight of Liquid Foam: liquid A 250kg/bucket, liquid B 213kg/bucket (large size); liquid A 60kg/bucket, liquid B 50kg/bucket (small size)
  • Specification of Foam Film: 500*350mm 2C 3000pcs/box; 500*500mm 2C 2000pcs/box; 500*600mm 2C 2000pcs/box


Best Industrial Packaging System for All Trades and Professions: Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

Advantages of our PU filling machine:

1) Flexible and multi-purpose:

Suitable for various industries, product packaging of different shapes.

2) Simple Automatic Cleaning:

The foam packaging system is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, no manual cleaning is required, and the operation is simpler and more efficient.

3) Cost & Storage Saving: A Worry-free Foaming Machine

4) High foaming rate, more accurate fit, and escort for your products.

Operation Procedure of the PU filling machine:

1) Prepare the film and inject the appropriate amount of raw materials.

2) Fold the film inwards and place the product on top of the expanding foam.

3) Repeat step 01, spread the second layer of film on the product to foam, and press against the carton for a few seconds to form a shape that fits the product.

Industries that the liquid foam packaging machine suits for:

Porcelain, handicrafts, bathroom supplies, lamps and lighting, electronic instruments, industrial parts, pumps and valves, medical equipment, auto parts, and other industries.

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