PRO 2 Air Cushion Machine

PRO 2 Air Cushion Machine Introduction

  • Type: Industrial Air Cushion Machine
  • Model: PA 2
  • Speed: 25 m/min (82feet)
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Power: 240w
  • Voltage: 220v/110v, 50HZ-60HZ
  • CE, UL, PSE certified, quality guaranteed
  • Size: L 380* W 310* H280 (mm)
  • Operation: Automatic
  • Consumables: Air Pillow/Air Bubble


1) Efficient and stable

Self-developed software system, as an air pillow maker, Pro 2 Air Cushion Machine is programmable. It is easy to operate, no belt, less maintenance, no preheating. Suitable for a variety of air bubble films: width 200mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm.

CE, PSE certified, in line with the global safety standards for machine use.

2) Intelligent and convenient

As our newest industrial air cushion machine, PA 2 has intelligent operation interface and LED screen. You can adjust the running time of the machine according to the type of film used and the number of air cushions required for each package. 

This machine can intelligently sense the ambient temperature and adjust the inflation heat sealing parameters to achieve a high-quality inflation effect.

3) Compatible with:

Filler(Air Pillows): 200*100mm, 200*130mm, 200*150mm, 200*200mm

Thickness: 20 micron

Length: 1280 meters

Material: HDPE

4) Wrapper(Air Bubbles):

Bubbles, Bubbles wave, Tube large, Tube small, Tube multi, Quilt large, Quilt small

Thickness: 20 micron
Length: 550 meters
Material: HDPE
PA 2

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