Plus Inflatable Bubble Mailer

Plus Inflatable Bubble Mailer

Plus Inflatable Bubble Mailer Introduction

  • Material: HDPE/LDPA
  • Thickness: 20μm/25μm
  • Width: 220mm/320mm/420mm
  • Saving Storage
  • Quick Pack
  • Shock-absorbing & Anti-pressure
  • Cost Reduction
  • Logo Print Available
  • Customization Support

  • Work with Air Cushion Machine
  • Different Sizes: airbag, air tube, and air bubbles


Best Inflatable Bubble Mailers: make your packing more effective.

The inflatable envelope bag is made of high-quality raw materials, and it takes on a bag shape after inflation.

It can be directly packed into an inflatable bubble wrap bag, and the packaging is more convenient and efficient.


1) Eco-friendly & Safe

The raw material is brand new 100% plastic rice, which is environmentally safe, non-toxic, and tasteless. The product has passed RoHS certification and is recyclable.

2) Shockproof, moisture-proof, and waterproof.

3) Destructive Sealing

The strong adhesive seal of hot melt adhesive cannot be restored after being forcibly opened, which plays a very good role in preventing theft.

4) Easy to Use

Dotted line design, easy to tear, no need to cut. Simple operation, improve packaging efficiency

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