SmartFill Paper Void Fill Machine

Paper Void Fill Machine

SmartFill Paper Void Fill Machine Introduction

  • Speed: 60m/min
  • Size(mm): 1350 * 660 * 610
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Rate: 65w
  • Power: 110-240v
  • High cutting precision
  • Three operating modes are available
  • Suitable for all kinds of packaging occasions
  • Perfect alternative to plastic packaging material
  • Applicable to a variety of paper: pure wood fan-fold paper, recycled fan-fold paper & honeycomb paper


Paper void fill machine squeezes and folds the kraft paper into an organ-shaped filling paper, which can protect your goods during transportation.

Long press the set button to switch between three operating modes:

1) Continuous mode

In this mode, the set paper output length and number of segments are automatically output in full.

2) Re-fill mode

In this mode, the machine will continue to output the next piece of paper after removing a piece of paper.

3) Manual/Foot Switch mode

In this mode, it can be used with a foot switch to freely control the length of the output filling paper.

Advantages of this machine:

1) It is independently researched and developed of products, stable and reliable.

2) Automatic operation available after the mode and value are set.

3) Built-in photoelectric sensor, intelligent detection of machine running status, automatic shutdown without paper.

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