Paper Tape Dispenser

With the help of the paper tape dispenser, the water-activated gummed paper tape can smoothly seal your boxes.

Electric Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser brief

Electric Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Automatic cutting and water application. It has multiple sealing and paper output modes.

Gummed Paper Tape Roll brief

Gummed Paper Tape Roll

It has cross-woven glass fibres, which provide extra strength and resistance. Works together with the paper tape dispenser.

Why choose paper tape from Ulinepak?

How to choose a water-activated gummed paper tape dispenser matters a lot.


It’s easy to set the tape length and operation modes of the paper tape dispenser.


With a large-capacity water tank, you can store the water for a long time. 


Three intelligent modes for the machine can satisfy different packaging needs.


The gummed tape is strong enough to prevent your items from accidental damage during shipping.

Can you introduce the water-activated paper tape packaging for me?

Electric Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser:
Automatic Operation: Intelligent control panel

Intelligent Detection: Auto-alarm for no paper, paper jam, and cover check

High efficiency: fast working speed (60m/min, capable of packing operation line.)

Size (mm): 462 * 287 * 251

Weight: 11kgs

Voltage: 70w

Power: 70w

Speed: 60m/min

Cut way: auto


Gummed Paper Tape Roll

Material: Fiber Reinforced Paper

Width: 36mm-100mm


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Moisten the gummed paper tape with water and adhere it to the boxes to establish a robust, seamless seal.

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