Paper Cushion

Storage saving, perfect for start-ups. Our paper cushion machine can help you deal with different packaging situations.

WrapAuto Honeycomb Paper Machine brief

WrapAuto Honeycomb Paper Machine

Speed &stretch adjustable. This honeycomb paper machine can be both placed on the table or hung on the wall.

Smart Paper Cushion Machine brief

Smart Paper Cushion Machine

Great cushioning effect. Better protect your goods with its 9 gears and the pre-set paper length & number.

WrapBox Honeycomb Paper Dispenser brief

WrapBox Honeycomb Paper Dispenser

Sustainable--excellent alternative to plastic packaging materials. It is storage saving & cost saving.

SmartFill Paper Void Fill Machine brief

SmartFill Paper Void Fill Machine

It provides excellent filling effect for various products and effectively prevents displacement of products in the carton.

Fanfold Kraft Paper brief

Fanfold Kraft Paper

FSC certified. The fanfold kraft paper works together with void fill system.

Honeycomb Paper Wrapping Roll brief

Honeycomb Paper Wrapping Roll

Honeycomb paper is processed from a roll of kraft paper. For different usage, the color and the specification can be customized.

Void Fill Paper Cushioning brief

Void Fill Paper Cushioning

Sustainable & biodegradable. The kraft paper can provide good cushiong protection.

SmartFill Manual Void Fill Paper Dispenser brief

SmartFill Manual Fanfold Void Fill Paper Dispenser

Easy to use. Space Saving. Makes your packaging sufficient without energy consuming.

paper bubble brief

Paper Bubble

With the double-sided convex embossed paper bubble structure, the paper bubble can provide better protection than the normal bubble.

paper bubble machine brief

Paper Bubble Machine

WIth both auto and pedal mode, the paper bubble packing machine is rather easy to operate.

Why choose paper cushion machine & materials from Ulinepak?

For paper cushion machines, you can choose the manual type or the automatic type. The Smartfill paper dispenser squeezes and folds fanfold paper into the paper cushion.


The smart paper cushion machine can also make cushions with functions like filling, wrapping, padding, and bracing.


For the wrapauto honeycomb paper machine, you can adjust the speed and choose the operation mode. It can make the honeycomb paper roll more effective for packaging.


You can also try the paper bubble machine, which is reliable nowadays in many industries. It has excellent cushion performance.

Secure your goods with our Paper Cushion materials & machines

All of the paper cushion machines are not that heavy, so you can put them anywhere you think is suitable.


With our paper cushion machines, you can make the same cushion effects with less material cost.


During long-distance international shipping, you can choose the single layer or the double layer paper cushion to secure your goods.


For better void fill, you’d better choose a reliable manufacturer like Ulinepak.


You can consider the machines if you are in industries like logistics, home applications, E-commerce, cosmetics, ceramic crafts, and healthy food.

How do I know if your machines are reliable?

No need to worry about that. Ask us if you have any questions.


And there’s no MOQ for the paper cushion machines. You can buy 1 first to try.


With over 17 years of experience in packaging, we are a leading packaging company in China.

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