Paper Bubble Machine

paper bubble wrap machine

Paper Bubble Machine Introduction

  • Weight: 27kg
  • Speed: 10m/min
  • Power: 120w
  • Voltage: 90-230V
  • Works for Paper Width: ≤400mm
  • Dimension (machine body): 695*272*285mm
  • Dimension (with fanfold paper plate): 695*542*285mm
  • Dimension (with paper roll holder): 695*412*285mm
  • Paper cut length preset maximum: 999cm
  • Paper Length Preset Support
  • Easy Operation: Freely switch the paper bubble machine to auto mode or pedal mode


Choose the Paper Bubble Machine from Ulinepak: The origin manufacturer in China.

Five REASONS Why you should choose our paper packaging machine:

1) User-friendly. No need to worry about complicated operating instructions. With an LCD touchscreen, you can preset the length and number.

2) Storage Saving & Cost Saving. It is small and you can place it anywhere you want. No extra fee is needed, you only need to buy the original bubble paper for further use.

3) Wide Application. Can be used in any scenario that requires paper bubble wrap.

4) Environmental friendly. It is 100% recyclable and suitable for those companies that are seeking plastic alternatives.

5) Trustworthy supplier. Ulinepak is a manufacturer with more than 17 years.

How the bubble paper protect your goods during shipping?

These “bubbles” serve as impact absorbers, protecting items from the jolts and bumps they may experience while in transit.

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