Accessory material for cushion packaging machines. For any other needs, you could also contact us. We would like to help you.

film delivery brief

Film Delivery System

The Film Delivery System can well improve your packing efficiency.

Overhead Hopper Brief

Overhead Hopper

The overhead hooper allows you to easily adjust to changing requirements in your logistics facility.

roll winder stand brief

Roll Winder Stand

Start automatically and stop when there is no fim. Great for packing.

arm stand brief

Arm Stand for Air Cushion Machine

Making your Packaging more efficient, it works with Easi 2.

fiber packing belt brief

Fiber Packing Belt

No cracking when folded. As a new type of packing material, the fiber packing belt can stand goods within 1 ton.

Why choose protective packaging machine from Ulinepak?

Film Delivery System:

  • Specifications: L760*W500*H2388mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • It can effectively realize the ideal packaging operation.

Overhead Hopper:

  • Size: L1330*W710*H2450mm
  • Weight: 77kg
  • Capable With: Pro 2, Pro 3 Air Cushion Machine
  • Having a space-saving overhead design.
  • Made of aluminum, it is lighter than other models.

Roll Winder Stand:

  • Size: L600*W500*H1030mm
  • Weight: 27.5kg
  • Capable With: Pro 2, Pro 3 Air Cushion Machine, Air Packing Machine

Arm Stand:

  • Size: L800*W260*H600mm
  • Weight: 6.9kg
  • Capable With: Easi Air Pillow Machine

Fiber Packing Belt:

  • An excellent alternative to traditional PP and PET Pallet Strap
  • REACH and ROHS certified

Thickness * Width(mm)

Bearing (kg) / Temperature

Maximum Length/ 1 roll (m)










Goods within 50 kg






Goods within 1 ton

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