Void Fill Paper Cushioning

kraft paper

Void Fill Paper Cushioning Introduction

Single Layer

  • Gram Weight: 70g
  • Width: 760mm
  • Length(m/roll): 350m

Double Layer

  • Gram Weight: 70g/70g
  • Width: 760mm
  • Length(m/roll): 175m


After the kraft paper is squeezed and folded by a paper cushion machine, it is equipped with many functions of filling, wrapping, positioning, and cushioning.

It is flexible and diverse and can provide better cushioning protection during product transportation.

Advantages of the void-filling kraft wrapping paper:

1) Sustainable & Degradable

It can be reused many times.

2) Provide Reassuring Protection

It has high stiffness and strong support performance. 

It provides excellent paper cushioning protection: anti-shock and anti-scratching.

Applicable industries:
Logistics, auto parts, medical equipment, porcelain handicrafts, e-commerce, lamps and lighting, electronic instruments, industrial parts

kraft paper void fill

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