Inflatable Film Roll

Packing inflatable film rolls are used to protect your goods during transportation. The film rolls can absorb shock instead of transmitting vibrations to objects.

Filler Air Pillows brief

Filler Air Pillows

Easy to tear, no need to cut. A single piece of pillow can withstand about a pressure about 50kg.

l type air column brief

L Type Air Column Bag

High quality PA + PE. Great protective material for milk powder, fruit, daily necessities, cosmetics and so on.

air bubble brief

Wrapper Air Bubble

Inflate it when you need to use it. Excellent protection to your items. Environmental Friendly & Sustainable

air column bag q type brief

Q Type Air Column Bag

High-temperature anti-aging tests are undergone. Can well protect your products like wine bottles.

Biodegradable PLA Air Pillows brief

Biodegradable PLA Air Pillows

Excellent protection with recyclable material. Convenient to use. Eco-friendly & home compostable.

biodegradable bubble wrap brief

Biodegradable PLA Air Bubble Wrap

Suitable for heavy goods: It can withstand more than 150 kg. Sizes can be customized according to your needs.

Air Column Wrap Roll brief

Air Column Wrap Roll

High-pressure Resistance. Recyclable, reusable, and water-resistant.

Why choose inflatable film rolls from Ulinepak?

Our inflatable film rolls, make good cushioning protection and shock absorption.


With different sizes and dimensions for you to choose from, you can protect your goods with excellent surrounding wrapping.


We have various kinds of film rolls, like Filler Air Pillows, Air Column Bag, Wrapper Air Bubble, Biodegradable PLA Air Pillows & Bubble Wrap, and Air Column Wrap Roll.


No heating is needed. Strong and keeps air longer.


All the rolls comply with ROHS.

Secure your goods with our Inflatable Film Rolls

Some of the film rolls can take to 50kg pressure, some can take to even 100kg.


Easy tearing. No need to cut. Inflate when you need it and use it when suitable.


No matter whether you are selling milk powder, wine, or even computers, you can use them to protect your items.


Apart from the dimensions listed, you can have your customized sizes.

How to use the film rolls?

All customers who purchase inflatable film rolls from our company will receive a manual.


You can ask questions whenever you are in need.


You’d better use air pillows, bubble wrappers, or air columns made from Ulinepak in case to avoid problems.


You can rest easy knowing you are making the right choice of trusting us.

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