Foam Packaging

Stop choosing from various kinds of protective packaging products. Our foaming packaging system is the one that suits you best. From PU foam injection machine to expanding foam packaging bags, there must be one kind that meets your needs.

liquid foam packaging machine

PU Foam Injection Machine

Worry-free foaming machine & foaming liquid with exclusive formula.

expanding foam packing bags

Expanding Foam Bags

The expandable foam bags works manually but efficiently. Saving your labor & cost.

Why choose Foam Packaging from Ulinepak?

We have foam packaging machines & materials that suit your different needs.


For the PU foam injection machine, there’s no need to hold the foaming gun manually. It has an auto-cleaning function. And the foot switch can also make the operation easier.


For the expanding foam bags, this is a kind of foaming bag for small packaging needs.


No need to use a machine, easy to use.  It offers excellent protection for products  with different shapes.

Can you introduce the foam packaging products for me?

PU foam injection machine: 

Foaming Ratio: 100 times

Saving storage space

Semi-automatic operation

Foot Pedal equipped

Liquid Foam A: 60 or 250 kgs/bucket

Liquid Foam B: 50 or 213 kgs/bucket

Film Bags: 

500 * 350mm 2C 3000pcs/ctn

500 * 500mm 2C 2000pcs/ctn

500 * 650mm 2C 2000pcs/ctn


Expanding Foam Bags:

Product No.









  1. Artwork & Porcelain
  2. Sanitary
  3. Lighting
  4. Electronic instrument
  5. Industrial components
  6. Medical devices
  7. Auto parts
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