Fiber Packing Belt

fiber packing belt for goods

Fiber Packing Belt Introduction

  • Sustainable and compostable

  • Strong endurance

  • No cracking when folded

  • Puncture resistant

  • An excellent alternative to traditional PP and PET Pallet Strap

  • Superior flexibility
  • REACH and ROHS certified
  • Made of plant fiber and hot melt adhesive


[READY STOCK!] As a new type of sustainable and environmental protection material, the plant fiber packing belt, or fiber pallet strap, stands as a cornerstone of efficiency and reliability. And it can be used in a wide range of industries.

Glad to meet every customer’s packing needs.

5 reasons for you to choose the fiber packaging strap roll:

1) It’s a good alternative to traditional PP and PET Strapping Band.

2) Strong load-bearing capacity. It is tested in high-quality standards. No cracking even for heavy products, the maximum load-bearing for this packing belt weight is 220 kg.

3) Good plasticity. It is difficult to break when folded in half due to its good tensile strength and toughness, and it easily recovers its shape after being bent.

4) Puncture Resistance. The fiber pallet strap will not crack or even be punctured in the middle.

5) Small Elongation. With the help of the fiber pallet strap, your goods can be shipped well to the destination port.


Thickness * Width(mm)

Bearing (kg) / Temperature

Maximum Length/ 1 roll (m)










Goods within 50 kg






Goods within 1 ton

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