Biodegradable PLA Air Pillows

biodegradable air pillows

Biodegradable PLA Air Pillows Introduction

  • Length (m): 280/400/450/700/900/1280/1580
  • Width (mm): 200/400
  • Material: PLA + PBAT
  • Thickness (µm): 13/15/20/30
  • Customizable: Contact us for more sizes
  • Expiration: 6 months
  • Degradation Time: 1 year
  • High-quality: Our PLA pillow can take up to more than 10kg pressure
  • Works with PA 2 & EA 2
  • OK Compost Certified


Best PLA Air Pillows for Packaging.

Advantages of it:

1) Eco-friendly & home compostable.

2) Storage saving. Our PLA pillow doesn’t take up much space.

3) Strong Protection.

4) Easy tearing.

5) Inflate when you need. It dramatically improves packing efficiency.

Storage Conditions of the Biodegradable air packaging pillow:

1) It is recommended to store at room temperature, with a humidity range of 30%~60%.

2) The environment should be kept ventilated and dry, and the product should be kept away from fire sources, and avoid rain, sun exposure, and surface stains.

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