Biodegradable PLA Air Bubble Wrap

biodegradable pla bubble wrap

Biodegradable PLA Air Bubble Wrap Introduction

  • Length (m): 280/300/400/450/550/600
  • Width (mm): 400/600/800
  • Material: PLA + PBAT
  • Thickness (µm): 20/25/30/38
  • High Quality: The biodegradable bubble wrap can withstand more than 150 kg
  • Customizable: Sizes can be customized according to your needs
  • Expiration: 6 months
  • Degradation Time: 1 year
  • Works with PA 2 & EA 2
  • OK Compost Certified
  • Easy to Tear


Are you still looking for something to protect your goods during transportation? Come and have a look at these biodegradable PLA air bubble wrap rolls.

Why it’s different?

1) Environmentally friendly: It is completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide within 1 year of composting.

2) Unline other biodegradable packaging bubble wrap roll, it is suitable for heavy goods.

3) Easy to use: Inflate when you need. Easy to tear.

4) Wide Application: Many companies around the world choose to trust it for better cushion and better protection.

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