WrapAuto Honeycomb Paper Machine

WrapAuto Honeycomb Paper Machine

WrapAuto Honeycomb Paper Machine Introduction

  • Dimension (mm): 650 * 305 * 303
  • Weight: 17.5kg
  • Power: 100 – 240v
  • Rate: 50w
  • Speed: 25 m/min
  • Cutting: manual
  • Dual mode control: automatic and pedal
  • Easy to use: automatic paper output, adjustable stretching & speed


This Automatic Honeycomb Paper Machine Dispenser has two modes for packaging:

1) Automatic Mode: Honeycomb packaging paper can be pre-stretched for multi-station production line packaging, and honeycomb paper can be stretched for packaging at any time.

2) Pedal Mode: Free your hands, you can output paper or pause arbitrarily when packing, convenient and efficient.

Convenient to use when packaging:

1) Adjustable speed: You can freely control the paper output speed of the wrapauto honeycomb paper machine, making packaging more convenient and flexible.

2) Stretch adjustable: the stretch degree of honeycomb paper can be adjusted independently according to product packaging requirements.

3) Wall-mounted support: can be hung on the wall or on a stand to increase desktop packing space.

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