Filler Air Pillows

filler air pillow

Filler Air Pillows Introduction

  • Sizes: Air Bag, Air Tube and Air Bubbles
  • Thickness: 20, 25, 30, 38microns
  • Specs (200mm width): 200mm*200mm, 200mm*150mm, 200mm*130mm, 200mm*100mm
  • Material: 3-layer LDPE & HDPE

  • Length per Roll: From 400m to 1580m & Customized

  • Customized Services: We can print your Logo on the filler as long as you need
  • Environmental Friendly: Recyclable & Reusable
  • Storage Saving: Inflate when you need the filler


The Filler Air Pillows can effectively fill the packaging gap to prevent items from moving during transportation. It is composed of 99% air and 1% PE film, which greatly saves storage space.

The packing air pillow can also be reused, effectively avoiding the production of packaging waste.

This cushion pillow film is mainly used to wrap items when delivering packages. This air-filling cushion packaging can protect everything that you need in various industries.

Detailed Length per Roll: 400m, 700m, 800m, 1280m, 1580m & Customized.

Application of the air pillows for packaging:

It finds application in a diverse range of items including luggage, handbags, liquid products, electronics, circuit boards, books, medicine, cosmetics, instruments, ceramics, household electrical appliances, furniture, hardware products, glasswork, precise mechanisms, and so on.

filler air pillow roll

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