Air Cushion Machine

We have different kinds of air cushion packaging machines. They can help you in various packing situations, which saves your storage space.

PA 2 brief

PRO 2 Air Cushion Machine

PA 2 has a Compact body, which is smart and convenient. It has stable performance, fast inflation and good heat sealing.

TA3 Brief

TUBE3 Air Column Machine

TA 3 can be inflated fully automatically, thereby reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.

air pillow packaging machine

EASi2 Air Pillow Machine

Best Air Pillow Machine - EASi2. With CE & PSE certification. It makes your packaging more wonderful.

PA3 brief

PRO 3 Air Packing Machine

You can have a superior packaging solution by using the Pro 3 Air Packing Machine, which is suitable for tabletop placement.

air bubble machine brief

CLASi3 Air Bubble Machine

Multifunctional air bubble machine. With CE certification, you can use it to inflate all kinds of air pillows and air wrappers.

Why choose air cushion machine from Ulinepak?

Our air cushion machines, air packing machines, and so on can inflate all kinds of airbags like fillers and wrappers.


All of them are compact and cost-saving. You can put them anywhere you want.


No preheating. Start right away. Speed adjustable.


Easy to preset the length. Easy operation.


Detailed remote guidance if you need it. No need to  worry.

Secure your goods with our Air Packing Machines

Ulinepak supplies high-quality reputable air cushion machines. The machines are designed for a wide variety of workplaces & commercial settings.


You can use bubble wrap & air pillows produced with Ulinepak’s machines for a range of applications and uses, including buffer filling of all types of goods for delivery and transport in various industries including manufacturing, logistics, and more.


With the help of extensions(optional), you can better arrange the bubble wrap.


From fragile goods to heavy loads, we can ensure you complete the packing issues without any problems.

How to use the machines?

All customers who purchase machines from our company will receive a manual.


You can ask questions whenever you are in need.


You’d better use air pillows, bubble wrappers, or air columns made from Ulinepak in case to avoid problems.


You can rest easy knowing you are making the right choice of trusting us.

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