Wrapper Air Bubble

air wrapper film

Wrapper Air Bubble Introduction

  • Thickness: 20, 25, 30, 38micron
  • Specs: Bubbles, Bubble wave, Tube large, Tube small, Tube multi, Quilt small, Quilt large
  • Material: 3-layer HDPE

  • Length per Roll (400mm width): 280m, 450m, 550m or customization at demand

  • High-quality: Can take up to 120kg pressure
  • Storage Saving & Cost Saving
  • Logo Print Available


1) Environmental Friendly & Sustainable

Wrapper Air Bubble is made of 99% air and 1% PE film, which greatly saves the storage space of packaging materials. It is reusable, so that you can avoid making unnecessary packaging waste.

2) Efficient Cushion Protect

The Air Bubble Film is able to withstand a pressure of more than 120 kg, which can effectively absorb the impact of goods caused by vibration, collision, and throwing through wrapping them.

3) Inflate upon Request

It is equipped with air cushion machine. Inflate it when you need to use it. Our air cushion machine is stable and inflates quickly, which can work smoothly with your packaging line.

4) Easy Packaging

No need to cut the Film, tear as much as you need, which does great to the packaging of a great number of orders.

5) Logo Customization

We provide customers with Logo Print Customization, which helps corporate to improve brand awareness.

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