Air Column Wrap Roll

air column l cap

Air Column Wrap Roll Introduction

  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: Plastic (PA/PE Co-extrusion Film)
  • Length: Support Customization
  • Thickness: 50/60/70μm
  • Inflate by: TUBE3 Air Column Machine
  • Application: Product Wrapping, Bedding, Filling
  • High-pressure Resistance: Can stand 60-120kgs after inflated
  • Storage & Cost Saving
  • Secure: Each column sealing air independently


Points to note are as follows:

The cushioning wrap shortens when inflated (Height will be shortened by 3-4cm, and length will be shortened by 1/3).

Specifications of Air Column Wrap Roll:

1) Length per Roll: 50-200m

2) Thickness: 50/60/70μm

3) Height: 20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60cm

How to use the packaging wrap roll:

Inflated by air column machine & manual air pump, the following is how to use it by hand.

1) Spread the air column on the table.

2) Clamp the airway (Inflate as needed).

3) Find the inflation port and inflate.

4) Cut the film when inflation is finished.

5) Put the product on the inflatable bubble wrap.

6) Wrap the product and secure it with tape.

7) Secure the film with tape and make sure it is tightly sealed.
8) Put the product into the package.
9) Seal the package with tape.
10) Label the package with the necessary information.


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