Q Type Air Column Bag

air column q type

Q Type Air Column Bag Introduction

  • Width(mm): 270 – 630 (customized)
  • Thickness(μm): 40 – 100 (customized)
  • Length(m/roll): 50 – 150 (customized)
  • Air Column Type: Q Cap Column Baggage
  • Material: Recyclable Plastic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Plastic Type: PE/PA Co-extrusion Film
  • Scope of application: Glass products such as red wine and liquor.
  • Strong Toughness


Our Inflatable Air Column Baggage Q Type Bag boasts several features that make it an excellent choice for protecting fragile items during transport.

1) Strong Protection: Your product’s safety is guaranteed even in the event of a puncture or damage to one of the columns.

2) Fast Packaging: Inflate when you need, quickly and easily.

Stringent quality control:

1) Obvious parameter display. Choose what you need and what suits your products. No cheating, no cutting corners.

2) Pressure-bearing time up to 72h. The Q type air packing bag can withstand more than 60-120kgs.

3) All air column bags have undergone high-temperature anti-aging tests.

4) Better tensile strength and toughness.

Find the most reliable product in Ulinepak – a professional air column bag factory in China.

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