TUBE3 Air Column Machine

Tube 3 Air Column Machine

TUBE3 Air Column Machine Introduction

  • Type: Air Column Machine
  • Model: TUBE 3
  • Consumables: Air Column Bag (L type, Q type, U type & sheet)
  • Speed: 25m/min
  • Weight: 25.3kg
  • Size: L840 * W390 * H380 (mm)
  • Volage: 110 – 240v
  • Power: 120w
  • Operation Mode: Automatic
  • Quality Guaranteed: CE, UL, PSE certified


This Air Column Bags Making Machine makes protective packaging more efficient and worry-free.


1) Speed Adjustable, Length Preset

Users can adjust the inflatable speed and preset inflatable length according to their own packaging requirements. By doing this, you can avoid the messy accumulation caused by excessive speed and excessive charging.

2) Air Adjustable

Tube 3 can ensure the saturation of the air column bag, but also to prevent excessive air pressure from causing the air column bag to explode.

3) Emergency Button Available

In order to cope with emergencies in the operation, just press and cut off all the power supply immediately. Rotate the release button to restart your operation.

4) Intelligent & Convenient

Stop when there is no film. Easy to use and maintain.


Why you should choose us?

We are an air column bag machine factory for more than 17 years.

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