L Type Air Column Bag

L Type Air Column Bag Introduction

  • Width(mm): 270 – 630 (customized)
  • Thickness(μm): 40 – 80 (customized)
  • Length(m/roll): 50 – 150 (customized)
  • Air Column Type: L Cap Column Baggage
  • Material: Recyclable Plastic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Plastic Type: PE/PA Co-extrusion Film
  • Protection: The airbag can withstand 60-120 kg after inflating.
  • Storage & Cost Saving
  • Application: milk powder, fruit, daily necessities, cosmetics, etc.


Strong Protection for your milk powder or other goods: Air Column Bag – L Cap

How we make our protective cushioning inflatable column:

1) Equipped with a patented air valve, can be used without sealing.

2) Columns are independent, the rest will not be effected if one is damaged. 

3) We strictl obey quality standards. No inferior products are accepted.

4) Each batch of air column bags accepts pressure test for 72 hours in order to test the air retention rate.

5) High temperature anti-aging test is also accepted.

6) We promise that all batches have good tensile strength and toughness.


Reliable supplier from Ulinepak – an air column baggage factory in China.

air column l cap

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